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Annakapat Cosplay started eight years ago, attending rAge in her first cosplay as Tank Girl. Since then, her style and love for pop culture have dominated the culmination of her chosen costumes. 

With idols like Jim Henson and David Bowie, it's no wonder she has so much going on! Anré has been working diligently on a whole list of new looks. You may recognize her as this year's ICON Cosplay winner for her Dr. Strange costume, where she spent months individually stitching the embellishment on the cape, or as Jareth, the Goblin King, from Labyrinth. 

The characters depicted by Annakapat Cosplay hold a special place for Anré, and she was hesitant to choose a favourite, but she ultimately decided that Jareth is definitely it. 



After growing up with characters like those from Jim Henson, creating the massive cape for the goblin king was a dream come true. In fact, she enjoyed it so much she is in the process of creating a second Jareth costume.

This time, she will be working on the ball gown version with the blue velvet jacket encrusted with jewels and crystals. This will be one of her longer undertakings as it will take time to find just the right stones. 






So, what's next for Annakapat Cosplay? If you're a fan of Dark Crystal, you're going to love this, and being a 80s kid myself (shh), I have to say I'm pretty excited!

Anre's next piece will be Skeksis. If you don't know who that is, I've put a link here. :)

This will be an interesting cosplay because the head of Skeksis is so inhuman. It will require sculpting to be created and the entire process takes time. Thankfully, we have an amazing community full of talented people, so Anré is getting some help from a friend to sculpt Skeksis' head. 

Future looks Anré is working on also include Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from Venture brothers, Zack Fischer's re-design of Jane Foster from Thor in the new comics, and Alexandra Byrne's design for Loki from the Avenger's movie.

As a special project, Annakapat Cosplay will be working on a Dr. Strange costume made from purely second-hand fabrics with the intention to show that any material can be used in cosplay—it's about learning a skill, being creative, and how you use the materials. The materials for this project have been bought from a thrift shop and includes everything from old bed sheets to a wedding dress. 


Each pattern she makes is customized to that client's body and to their specifications. If you need cosplay advice, or would like her to help you make your own cosplay, she's happy to do a commission. Be sure to stop by her Facebook or Instagram and keep up with this local cosplayer to watch her as she puts together both her personal costumes and commissions.  

- Janay

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