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Meet the family

Name: Giancarlo Franco Groenewald

Position: Company Director/Owner

Passion knows no bounds, avid video gamer, tech enthusiast, built Land of Gamers in 2009 and has been growing it ever since. 

"If at first, you don't succeed: try, try, try again."

—William Edward Hickson

Name: Janay Zeilstra

Writer for the Geek Culture Blog
LoG Editor

What kind of "geek" am I?

I'm a creative, artsy, word nerd with an RPG gaming preference for anything from D&D and tabletop to PC gaming. I have a special place in my heart for old-school games and the MUD I play. Most of all, when I go to events I like to spend time with fellow creatives who either sell or wear their art. After all, our geek community is amazing!

"I saw my life was a vast, glowing, empty page and I could do anything I wanted."

—Jack Kerouac


Name: Damian Richards

Position: LoG Direct/Marketing


What kind of "geek" am I?

I’m a lover of all things video game, anime, and wrestling. I'm fearful of horror games and a bit of a collector edition addict. I just love all games equally.



Name: Luca Pickersgill

Position: Photographer






rAge 2017

Janay was holding the Camera!